Upon Completion of the training, students will:

  • Understand and explain F.S. 316.640, and define it's limitations of authority.
  • Learn proper court testimony and demeanor.
  • Learn common parking terms and definitions.
  • Increase good customer communication skills.
  • Understand safe operation and care for official vehicles.
  • Have a deep core understanding of state and local ordinances that govern parking.
  • Understand Florida State Statutes concerning ADA Handicap Parking
  • Understand the importance of proper radio and communication skills.
  • Discuss current and future technologies involving parking enforcement.

Our 16 hour training course is for civilian personnel who need to complete a certification program allowing them to write parking tickets and enforce parking statues and ordinances in their assigned jurisdictions. This certification is required by Florida State Statute 316.640.

Course Description:

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1132 Parking Enforcement Specialist for Civilians Training and Certification

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All students are required to attend the full 16 hours. All students must take a written exam at the end of the course and pass with a minimum score of 80% correct to receive the certificate.

Course Objectives: